Please read and follow the instructions below before entering online:

  1. Review the rules and classes of the departments you plan on entering by downloading Fairbook above.
  2. You MUST purchase an exhibitor’s ticket . ONLINE AT CHECK OUT – Make sure you click ITEM 1 to select your exhibitor ticket – only 1 may be purchased per person.  Any Summit County 4-Her or Jr. Fair Member has to purchase the $10 ticket it is a discount and does not get you any admission.  There are no service fees to use the online system. The only fee is your exhibitor ticket.
  3. You may only make one entry per class for non-animal entries and two entries per class for animal. Display Classes please read limits. The Display Classes are limited and maybe full at time of entry. If this is the case they will not appear online. If they were not taken offline in time a refund will be made to you asap and you will be notified.
  4. All open class entries can be done online.  If you are entering Rabbits and you do not see your breed please email for breed to be added to online entry. 
  5. Deadline for entries is July 11, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.
  6. Read the information below then click on Online Entries button.

Information on Entering Exhibits in Fair

Anyone wishing to enter an exhibit in the Fair must submit an official entry form (form photos copies are acceptable) to the Fair Office by the entry deadline. No entries will be accepted after this date. You do not have to be a Summit County resident to enter an exhibit in the Fair. Also, many departments offer special classes for entries by children.

The official Fair Premium Book  lists the rules, regulations, descriptions and forms for each Fair Department and Class. Premium Fairbook printouts can be picked up at the Fair Office during open hours or are available online.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 330-633-6200 or you can email us at 

To contact the office

Phone: 330-633-6200