Buildings/Barns are not heated.  Concrete and asphalt space is limited and reserved for cars. 

Storage is first offered to those who have previously stored.  These individuals have until a set date to return their application. 

 Space is then assigned to those whose application and deposit we are holding and considered to be on a waiting list.  Space is assigned to those who have the type of unit we have an opening for and in date order of the date we received the application and deposit.  You will receive a call before we process your application notifying you that space has been assigned to you. 

 Once we declare our status as “FULL”, we will notify those whose applications and deposits we have not processed.  They will have a choice of having their check returned to them or to remain on a waiting list in case we may still have space(s) come available –  If we receive a cancellation or if we find space is available after all units are placed in storage.  Contact is, for the most part, made either on the first Sunday in November or within the seven days following.

 For more information on winter storage, email