The Summit County Fair offers a unique way for your company to advertise its service and/or product.  Where else can you affordably advertise your company or service to more than 35,000 people from our surrounding communities?  Fair booth space is sold not only to concessionaires with food trailers but to a wide variety of companies and agencies such as home improvement, direct sales, crafts, state and county agencies, non-profit groups, home parties, etc.  Each year, space is offered first to those who have participated the previous year, thereafter it is assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  For additional information, please contact our concession manager, Cathy Cunningham, at 330-633-6200 ext. 202 or by e-mail at


FOOD SPACE:  Currently, food space is not available, however, we alway accept letters of interest from those who would like to be put on our "food waiting list".  Letters should specify each item you intend to sell.  Pictures of  the food trailer may be attached to your letter as a helpful aide in being selected. Photos are not returned.  You will only be contacted if and when space is available.

OUTSIDE COMMERCIAL SPACE:  Outside commercial space is offered in various locations on the fairgrounds.  The depth of space ranges from 19 feet to 35 feet.  Fees as follows (these are front footage) 15ft $425, 20ft $525, 25ft $625, 30ft $725, 35ft $825, 40ft $930, 45ft  $1050, 50ft $1150, 55ft $1260, 60ft $1360 (these will  include the fire fee, trash fee and 110 electric) If you need over 110 electric $75 for 50amp and over 50amp is $100  Outside commercial space is currently available.

INDOOR COMMERCIAL SPACE - STRIP BUILDINGS:  Indoor commercial space is offered in our Strip Buildings located at the main entrance of the fair.  A 10x10 booth space sells for $200.  You may purchase one booth, two booths, etc.  Minimal electric needs are included with the cost of the booth. Indoor commercial space is currently still available. 


NDOOR COMMERCIAL SPACE - VIRGINIA O'CASEK HALL:  The Virginia O'Casek Hall is air conditioned and is located across from the rides.  A 10x10 booth space sells for $325 OR $350 for a corner (CORNERS ARE SOLD OUT).  You may purchase one booth, two booths, etc.  Minimal electric needs are included with the cost of the booth.  Space in the Virginia OCasek Hall is currently still available.


PROCESS IN OBTAINING BOOTH SPACE:  You can mail in your application or choose to email your application and pay by credit card.  Applications must be accompanied by a $100 deposit.  This deposit is credited to your total contract price.  Contracts will not be issued unless accompanied by the required deposit.  Once your application is received, the concession manager will approve said application and issue a contract to you.  If, on rare occasion, your application is not accepted, your $100 deposit will be returned to you.  Once you are assigned a contract, you are required to submit proof of insurance, a signed liability waiver and a signed copy of our vendor rules.  Date final fees are due will be noted on your contract.  Contracts become legal and binding once we have received your deposit and you have signed our rules and liability waiver.