We, the directors at the Summit County Fair would like to introduce you to the young man that designed our Fair logo. His name was Aaron Taylor Adams. Sadly, Aaron passed away earlier this year, and although many of us did not get to personally meet Aaron, we feel as if we know all about him thanks to his family.


Aaron had Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy which made it especially hard for him to design which was something he loved to do. He graduated from Jackson High School and studied Graphic Design at Stark State College. Aaron loved to do freelance work at home and enjoyed creating logos and business cards. When contacted to design a logo for the Summit County Fair, Aaron went right to work. He designed our logo with the use of only one hand, a stylus and a pad. Aaron wanted to use animals in his design as he felt they best represented our fair. In fact, the goat that is seen jumping over the barn was Aaron’s way of incorporating a story he had heard about a goat that was always getting loose during the fair.


Although Aaron’s life was short, he touched many with his positive, kind attitude and his willingness to help and encourage other people. Aaron’s family describes Aaron as having a “wisdom and steadiness” beyond his age. Aaron and family, please know that we use and display this logo with pleasure and pride knowing the enormous amount of effort it took for him to design it.


In case you are not familiar with our fair logo, please see it pictured below and then imagine all of the whimsical thoughts that were going through Aaron’s mind as he created our cherished design. We hope you appreciate and enjoy it as much as we do!
















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