The Summit County Agricultural Society strives to keep Agriculture, Ohio's #1 industry, alive in Summit County.  The Board proudly sponsors the annual SUMMIT COUNTY FAIR, a 150-year tradition.  The six-day event is held the last week in July.

The fair is an affordable family entertainment venue.  It is an opportunity for those fortunate enough to still own a working farm to display their livestock.  The fair is an opportunity for individuals in the community to spotlight their talents in gardening, sewing, baking, canning, photography, drawing, scrapbooking and stamping.  The fair is the "icing on the cake" for the many youth who participate in 4-H to showcase their project; steers, lambs, hogs, cooking, rocketry, woodworking, sewing and much more.

For the general public, the fair is not only an entertainment venue with rides, bands, demo derbies, etc., but it is also an educational experience.  It allows those who live in an urbanized area to learn about farm animals.  This may be their only opportunity to touch a cow, see a chicken, smell a pig or touch the wool on a sheep.  Through the many displays, they will learn about the food chain and the importance of Agriculture in our Society.

An antique museum is one of our feature attractions brought to us by the generosity and hard work of the Summit County Farm Bureau.  The museum houses various antique artifacts that are given to the Farm Bureau.  It's unique set up has given it the title of being one of the BEST antique museums in the state of Ohio.  Here you will see an old time drug store, post office, school room, dining area and so much more.  The antique farm implements allow children to actually see the type of equipment that farmers used in their efforts to provide the many products that are a value to our Society.  This is a "must see" during your visit to the fair.

As we struggle to maintain our existence in an urbanized county filled with many different entertainment options, we encourage your positive input.  We are interested in what you, the general public, would like to see at your county fair.  We thank all of our fair patrons for visiting the fair.  We sincerely appreciate the many individuals and companies that continue to support us monetarily and with their generous donation of time, equipment and supplies.