Article I - Name

Article II - Purpose
Article III - Membership
Article IV - Board of Directors
 Article V - Annual Election of Directors

Article VI - Organizational Meeting

Article VII - Quorum

Article VIII - Duties of Officers

Article IX - Committees

 Article X - Authority of Society

Article XI - Amendments

Article XII - Disbursements

Article XIII - Regulations



The Constitution of

The Summit County Agricultural Society of Ohio



  Section 1.  The Board of Directors of the Summit County Agricultural Society of Ohio shall consist of twenty-six members, elected by the membership of the Society.


                Section 2.  All new candidates for members of the Board must be members of the Society, who in the last twelve meetings prior to the election, attended a minimum of six (6) regularly scheduled Board meetings and who volunteered a minimum of twelve (12) hours for the Society during the most recent Summit County Fair.


                Section 3.  A simple majority of the whole number of votes cast at the election shall be necessary to elect.


                Section 4.  There shall be five Directors elected, based on their residency, from District I and IV districts,  four Directors elected from District II and III and eight members shall serve in an at-large position.


                Section 5.  There shall be four districts in Summit County, described as follows:  Area No. 1 – Sagamore, Northfield, Twinsburg, Hudson, Boston Heights, Stow, Silver Lake, Munroe Falls and Macedonia; Area No. 2 – Richfield, Boston, Bath and Cuyahoga Falls; Area No. 3 – Copley, Norton, Barberton, Franklin, Coventry and Akron west of Interstate 77; and Area No. 4 – Tallmadge, Mogadore, Springfield, Green and Akron east of Interstate 77.


                Section 6.  The Directors shall be elected for a term of three years and so arranged that one-third of the members be elected each year.


                Section 7.  In addition to the requirements in Section 2., to maintain eligibility for re-election, it shall be the duty of each director to:  (A) Participate during the week of the annual fair in any aspect or as required by the committee the individual serves on; and (B) To annually donate fifty (50) hours to the Society on the fairgrounds and/or at Society events (this donated time cannot be accumulated during the annual fair and/or the four-days preceding the annual fair).


                Section 8.  The Board is empowered to appoint qualified members at large to fill vacancies after the annual election when candidates are not available in any given area where vacancies occur.  These appointments shall be by a majority vote of the Board members at a regular meeting where a quorum is in attendance.


                Section 9.  The Board may remove any director if:  (A) The Director has failed to attend three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled Board meetings without sufficient excuse or cause; or (B) The Director has failed to fulfill their duties during the annual fair without sufficient excuse or cause; or (C) The Director has failed to donate the required fifty hour time minimum throughout the year without sufficient excuse or cause; or (D) By order of the court, the Director has been found to be of unsound mind; or (E) By order of the court, the Director has been convicted of a felony; or (F) By order of the court, the Director has been convicted of theft; or (G) By order of the court, the Director has been convicted of a criminal offense involving moral turpitude; or (H) The Director has engaged in specific actions which cause or tend to cause the Society damage to its property or reputation, or which create potential legal liability on the part of the Society.  The Director shall be issued a warning.  Upon the third finding of the Executive Board of such conduct by a Board Member in violation, he/she shall appear before the Board of Directors to answer as to why the offending Board Member should not be expelled from the Board.  After said hearing, should three-fourths (3/4) of the Board vote to expel the offending Board Member, said offending Board Member shall be forthwith expelled and the expelled Board Member’s position shall be filled pursuant to Article IV, Section VIII herein.


                Section 10.  The Board may elect Honorary Directors at a regularly scheduled Board meeting upon receipt of a signed recommendation of three Board members. A two-thirds vote is required to elect.  Honorary Directorship may be conferred upon an individual who shall have rendered notable service to the Society.  An honorary director shall have none of the obligations of membership in the Society, but shall be entitled to all of the privileges except those of making motions, of voting, and of holding office.